Extra Unique Feature: Stunning Effects

Extra Unique Feature: Stunning Effects

Alight Motion Modified version comes with massive stunning effects that can be used to move videos and also still images. That is why videos will look more distinctive and professional after adding eye-catching and beautiful effects.

After that can add shadows and borders comfortably. Alight Motion Mod also provides distortion effects and you can utilize them in video and give them a modern and fresh look. However, not only one effect, in the mod version, you will come across multiple effects like the Swirl effect. This effect creates a vortex. And, the Wave Wrap effect creates wave motion. The bulge effect or the Pinch focuses on a concave point of the image.

 On your video, blend mode comes with mysterious effects with deep and blurry features. All users can synchronize a certain display time and interact with a massive range of mixing effects even into one video.  So, the process of becoming a professional video editor is easy and in our third blog, we have mentioned it clearly and briefly. However, you can also access to number of visual effects and use them for your video projects for free only with Alight Motion mod. And without paying money, can start your video editing journey.

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